A better way to move.


Make money and save the planet while you move with personalised content and free carbon offsetting.

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Your time is valuable. 

Frenzy is a global first.

Plan your trip, offset your carbon for free,
win prizes, watch content, be rewarded.


What is Frenzy?

A Game-Changing App

Frenzy is an app to plan your trip and be rewarded for watching personalised content on your trip 

Use Frenzy Rewards 

Frenzy users choose to use their 

Frenzy Dollars to buy products, donate to a charity or withdraw for cash

Offset your Carbon

Frenzy is the only app that offsets carbon emissions of their customers, at no cost to the user

A New Channel

Frenzy is a new channel for marketers to engage with a captive and incentivised audience. No more CPM

Watch Content 

Users have the option to earn Frenzy Dollars by watching content. Content includes videos, games, surveys, trailers and more

Frenzy View Guarantee

Frenzy View gives advertisers the surety that their content has been consumed



The Frenzy Marketplace allows advertisers and merchants to sell their products and services through Frenzy. Customers can use their Frenzy Dollars or buy direct from stores in the marketplace.
Sell your products and services in to our community of users 
Access to free Frenzy Pay hardware for a limited time only
Drive footfall of new customers by becoming an approved Frenzy Hub
Play your part in reducing congestion and improving our environmental performance
Broadcast realtime deals and events to Frenzy users in your area 

Content Providers

Interested in advertising with us? We would love to talk. Find out more below and get in touch to join us.
No CPM cost, ever! We believe in action and outcomes, not saturation and poorly targeted campaigns
Only pay for actions and outcomes that are defined by you through our campaign manager tool
Contribute to improving the environment by benefiting from carbon offsets made through Frenzy users
Be part of a global platform that will redefine user value transfer and outcome based digital marketing
Access large customer groups with discretionary time, as they move around our cities and consume video, games and deals
Have surety that your campaign has been watched with Frenzy View, guaranteeing eyeballs of your viewers

Our advertising partners

Our advertising partners

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Join us on our journey as commuters enjoy a better way to move!
Become one of our foundation partners. Talk to our team today.

Our transport & commercial partners

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The Frenzy Team 

We are a team of passionate game changers, who saw a need for customers to get cheaper access to transport, allow people to have more fun while moving and also help save the environment. 

We believe the world is tired of big technology companies mass selling online content, pillaging people's data and bombarding us with meaningless CPM adverts. As we see it, all that brings is minimal benefits for the user and wider society. We are putting the control of data back in the hands of those who own it - the users.

At Frenzy we are about action. We deliver our users fun, rich content, while enabling a proper value exchange for time and date. We also don't charge for impressions or CPM because we focus on action and outcomes for our whole community of users. We offset every journey taken through Frenzy to encourage sustainable travel for everyone.



Want Frenzy in your City or Town, let us know here.

We are live in Auckland, Wellington and Sydney, and will be in 20 cities or towns in 2020.

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