Offset your carbon with Frenzy

At Frenzy, we believe in doing our bit to save the environment, and helping our users to do the same. Our commitment to our users is that we will always offset your carbon emissions for every Frenzy trip you take. 

How do we do this?

When you use Frenzy to take a trip, you give us permission to see you trip details. We use this information to know exactly how far you have travelled and in what mode. For example, you might live in Mt Eden and walk 500m to the bus stop, then bus 2.5km to the city, then walk 150m to your destination. We collect the distance travelled, so in this example, 3.15km, and purchase carbon credits on your behalf. 

We have built a carbon calculator that can give us a best guess estimate as to how much carbon you have offset on your journey. If you don't know, different modes give off different carbon emissions, so we factor that into our equation.

How do I know how much carbon I am emitting on my trip?

When you plan your trip using Frenzy, we show you how much carbon equivalent emission you are approximately emitting during your trip. This is an estimate based on our understanding of the mode and the trip distance. We can do this to a pretty good level of accuracy because we know exactly how far you have travelled. We don't store information on your particular journey, we only store the trip distance for the purpose of offsetting.

How do we buy credits?

We work with accredited carbon credit providers to purchase carbon credits on your behalf. 

What is carbon offsetting and why is it important?

Carbon offsetting allows people who do pollute to reduce the impact of that by paying someone else not to pollute, or by taking actions to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, such as planting trees. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and store the carbon in their leaves, branches, stems, bark and roots. Approximately half the dry weight of a tree's biomass is carbon. A tree can absorb as much as 21kg of carbon dioxide per year and can absorb 1 tonne of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old. 


It is particularly important to consider when making travel choices, as transport emissions contribute to around 20% of the overall greenhouse gas emissions every year.

What standards have you based the calculator on?

We have based the carbon calculator on EU Standard for carbon offsetting and the NZ Government Ministry for the Environment Voluntary Guidance Standards. More information on these standards can be found here

I want to know more

If you would like to know more, or would like to see evidence of your trips being offset, get in touch with us and we can share some more information with you.